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Our Story


Artha traces its roots to Late Shri Chunnilal Damani, a reputed bullion trader from Bikaner, a well-known trading post in the Rajasthan desert sands. Other traders placed trust in the words of the Chunnilal Damani, which earned repute for the Damani family name.

His great grandchildren, Anirudh, Animesh and Apurva Damani carry on the family legacy. They are creating and leading businesses that are built on trust, backed and astutely guided by Ashok Damani and Ramesh Damani.

Expansion into early stage investing

In 2014, the Group took inspiration from Warren Buffet’s bets in renewable energy, matching the earnings from renewable energy projects to investments that Hathway Berkshire makes on a monthly basis.

The Artha Group quickly identified and expanded their reach into the nascent early stage investing space, using the realizations from clean energy assets to invest in startups. Artha India Ventures has backed leading ventures like OYO Rooms, NowFloats, Tala, Exotel to name a few.


The Artha brand laid its foundations in 2012 with Artha Energy Resources, an investment bank for renewable energy projects. Artha Energy Resources started off by facilitating the installation of an 8MW ground mounted solar project.

Over time, the company added rooftop solar, wind, hydro and biomass deals to their energy portfolio. Upon realizing the potential of the sector, Artha Energy consolidated energy project information into a platform which could be used to connect Power Generators to Consumers.

The way ahead

By June 2017, the Group had investments in over 50 ventures, 2.5 MW in wind power projects and had successfully advised investments worth hundreds of million dollars into renewable energy projects in India. In June 2017, Artha Creative Studio, a creative design firm, was launched, marking the Group’s foray into the digital space.